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Experts. Quentin Tarantino Again by Cristofer Viveros

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Tarantino movies

You could find a lot of experts on cinematographic however you would find someone how have been his movies a kind of culture and art, he is Quentin Tarantino. And Quentin Tarantino has become, on his own merits, a cult director. Admired by many and also criticized and hated by others. Many things can be reproached, but it can not be denied since he broke into his first feature, if the universe had not given him an opportunity, we wouldn't have seen "Reservoir Dogs" or “Pulp Fiction”, he has become a fundamental director of American cinema in recent years.

His style has marked a trend in contemporary cinema, especially for its ingredients: multi-referential, cinephile, mix of genres and his special style when a character died (yes, a lot of blood everywhere), maybe if he had changed his movie make, he wouldn't have had the fame that nowadays he has.

Everything that makes his way of directing films, borned from of his cinephile liked. A hobby that he acquired very young, living with his single mother and feeding on hundreds of movies, seeing titles to feed the seed of cinephile that was growing. Too, when he used to go for a movies shop, he stayed there and discuss with others cinephiles like him, he should have closed his mouth because he always founded the way to start a fight. Influenced by cultural manifestations of various kinds, regardless of their origin or reputation, his particular dream was forged: to succeed in Hollywood.

Biotechnology. Robots against the infertility By an advanced 2 student called Cristofer Viveros

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It is possible that the remedy for infertility arrives in the form of a robot. Millions of couples who fight to have children, and the most common causes of this impossibility affect most women, who have poor quality of the ovules, endometriosis or age. However, approximately twenty percent of documented cases of infertility are associated with male causes, for example, sperm deficiencies where the number is too low, because they have malformations or because they are foolish enough to find a way to enter the ovary.a

To support sperms who are slow, has been invented spermbot, a tiny engine designed to propel slumbering sperm towards its destination. The device, whose orientation and movement is controlled by external magnetic fields, is wound up in the tail of the sperm to propel it to the egg, and hopefully introduce it into it. The engine, developed by a team of German scientists, could play a key role in the future of artificial insemination.

“It is a fantastic idea”, it was said by Robin Fogle an endocrinologist who works in the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine.

Oliver Schmidt said that the motor was still inefficient and that had a lot of things to do before test it at humans.

Contacting Sentinelese tribe by Belem

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Initially the Sentinelese hid in the jungle from their visitors, and then on later trips shot at them with arrows. The tribe, who have lived in near-total isolation for tens of thousands of years, came to global attention.

After several expeditions trying to establish contact, their first real breakthrough came in 1991 when the tribe came out to peacefully approach them in the ocean.

Mr. Pandit thinks that the anthropologists would bring a selection of items along with them on their trips to try and entice contact.

"We were puzzled why they allowed us," he said. "It was their decision to meet us and the meeting took place on their terms."

"We jumped out of the boat and stood in neck-deep water, distributing coconuts and other gifts. But we were not allowed to step onto their island."

Mr. Pandit explains he was not overly worried about being attacked but was always cautious when he was near with them.

He declares their team members tried to communicate in sign language with the Sentinelese but had no success as they were largely pre-occupied with their gifts.

Despite his own experience of tense exchanges with the Sentinelese, Mr. Pandit resists labelling them as hostile.

"That is the incorrect way to look at it. We are the aggressors here," he told the Indian Express. "We are the ones trying to enter their territory."

"Sentinelese are a peace-loving people. They don't seek to attack people. They don't visit nearby areas and cause trouble. This is a rare incident," he told the BBC.

"We should respect their wish to be left alone," he said.

Pressured lives by Belem

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“Stress is the trash of modern life- we all generate it, but if you don’t dispose of it properly, it will pile up and overtake your life”


The expert of this topic, the doctor Lily Cole affirms that we need stress in our lives- it helps us stay alert and prepared for challenges. But when we feel overwhelmed by pressure, stress becomes negative, and psychological and physical symptoms.  

A study reveals that one third of American high school students and people in their early 20s say they get badly stressed on a regular basis. Here are some of the causes of their stress:

+ Romantic relationship

+ Conflicts with friends

+ Overload- too many commitments

+ Course work and exams

+ Finances

+ Deciding your future

This is a testimony of the one girl that participated in the study.


I’m positive. I always look on the bright side of things. But I’ve been at uni for a year now and is it as cool as I’d thought it would be? In your dreams. If you think living on your own at uni is easy- think again! Here’s my rundown of the last twelve months.

Things I wish I’d done

I should have said ‘no’ when my mate Aimee said, ‘Why don’t we both get a tattoo? It’ll be laugh!

I wish I’d gone to more lectures. Waking up late nearly every morning didn’t help. And if I’d managed to get some early nights, I might have been more awake during the day.

OK, OK. If I’d studied more, I would have done better in my exams. But if I’d studied all time, I wouldn’t have gone to gigs and parties!

Things I wish I hadn’t done

Mmm. Well, parties aren’t always a good idea. I met this guy who was a dream! We swapped mobile numbers. And then he didn’t call me. So, after five sleepless nights I got in touch. Mistake! I shouldn’t have done that. Because if I hadn’t sent him a text, his girlfriend wouldn’t have seen my message. (That’s right, Dream Guy had a girlfriend, which is way out of line.) Then he told all his mates (who told all my mates) that I was stalking him and wouldn’t leave him alone!

If only I hadn’t got that tattoo done on my arm. It’s a butterfly, so that’s pretty. But my parents are going to go ballistic when they see it. I know just what dad will say: ‘How can you get a serious job in business with a tattoo on your arm?’

Which brings me to… I wish I hadn’t chosen to study Economics.

What was I thinking about? It’s sooo complicated and boring. It does my head in. I can’t even manage my own money!

By the way, have I mentioned tattoo?

It’s 10 o’clock. So, what am I going to do now? I’m going to go to a party have an early night. What else?


Keira xx

Lily Cole proposes a top stress buster:

  + Do exercise

  + Sleeping well

  + Listening to and making music

  + Reading a book or magazine

  + Eating well

  + Talking to your family

  + Seeing your friends

  + Planning your time

  + Relaxing techniques.

Interview with Javier Gosende, expert in Online Marketing by Ceci

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Javier is one of the greatest experts in Online Marketing at a national and international level. His work as a consultant is characterized by its practical approach to promote online projects of professionals and companies. He is a trainer and a valued lecturer. In his conferences he deals with current and practical issues for entrepreneurs, professionals and online business managers.

Hi Javier

The current world in which we live has become indispensable for business, an online presence to a greater or lesser extent. With this, Online Marketing has also become equally indispensable. What does an adequate Online Marketing strategy encompass?

It includes the use of certain tactics and tools to obtain visits to our online presence, convert those visits into clients and with that there could be greater income to the company

If an independent professional or mini company with a limited budget had to bet on an online marketing strategy, which do you think should have focused most of their economic and personal efforts?

It depends on the business model, the competition and the sector in which we operate. There is no formula or golden rule that always works. There are clients that do better social networks, others do better SEO, etc. If I had to take an average of the tools that have worked best for SMEs with tight budgets, there is SEO or natural positioning in search engines.

There is a mistaken belief when it comes to thinking that creating an online store is free, we know that nothing is further from reality. Could you have come to have an online store with which to make a living with a minimum budget a few years ago?

There are success stories of people who have made a living and very well with their online store. If you talk to these people, they all tell you that their beginnings were very difficult, which cost them a lot of time, dedication and resources. It was not a path of roses.

Finally, what strategies do you advise could have been carried out by a professional to become an expert?

1) The first thing to mount a decent blog

2) Nourish the content blog that enhances your professional image, that is an expert in an area, that is influential and that has experience in the sector.

3) Complement your marketing strategy with the mix of social networks that can be best for your sector

4) Networking with other professionals through online and offline tactics

Thanks for your time!